ICT & electronics

ICT & electronics

Innovation in ICT & electronics propels the world forward. Our pioneering technologies are reshaping the way we communicate, work, and live, ushering in a promising future full of possibilities.

Mieke Haesen

Expertise Centre for Digital Media (EDM)

As an informatics research centre, the Expertise Centre for Digital Media (EDM) of Hasselt University conducts research in five research lines: Visual Computing, Networked and Secure Systems, Intelligible Interactive Systems, Computational Science and Computational Design and Fabrication. We prefer to create added value exactly at the fault line of these different IT domains - where our expertise intersects. Because bundling expertise means doubling impact.

Hasselt University Mieke Haesen
Bart Braem


IDLab is a research group of the University of Antwerp and imec, targeting the most daunting challenges industry is facing to deliver digital transformation, connecting everything and extracting high value from data.

University of Antwerp Bart Braem
Fatma Bozyigit

Cyber-Physical Systems for the Industry 4.0 era (NEXOR) 

NEXOR is an IOF consortium that takes up industrial product and production design challenges for high tech systems, so called cyber-physical systems.

Within Nexor, we respond to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and design smart, customized, lot-size-1, adaptive and sustainable solutions. We collaborate directly with industrial partners and via the establishment of spin-offs.

In recent years, Nexor has been actively developing diversity of technologies and may boast of a small portfolio of active patents. In addition to our work on Industry 4.0 solutions, , our investigators have worked on specific technologies in response to Covid-19 pandemic.

University of Antwerp Fatma Bozyigit
Leander Schietgat


The IOF GEAR project "Responsible AI for a smart connected world” is a joint initiative of three VUB research groups: the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the Data Analytics Lab and Digital Mathematics. Our goal is to help companies become more innovative and increase their excellence through the potential of AI. We focus on dynamic learning algorithms that actively interact with users and that not only learn from data but also take intelligent decisions.

VUB Leander Schietgat
leander.schietgat@vub.be +32 2 629 12 41
Bugra Ersu

ETRO Engineering ICT & Electronics

As key industrial research pole - creator of seven spin-off companies - and group of excellence in Fundamental Research, ETRO is a reliable partner for local and international industry, public services and hospitals. The multidisciplinary research group of more than 120 people gets inspired by unexplored engineering bottlenecks at the interface of various application domains: health care, automotive, media, surveillance, security, public safety, remote sensing, energy, telecommunications, creative industries etc. Creating an impact on the transformation processes of the knowledge society is their ambition.

VUB Bugra Ersu
bersu@etrovub.be +32 483 25 48 19
Dave Singelée

Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC)

COSIC focuses on the protection of digital information. Our group develops advanced cybersecurity solutions to protect data in the cloud and in the Internet of Things (IoT), and to protect the privacy of users. We create new cryptographic algorithms and protocols, and develop efficient and secure implementations in software and hardware.

Staff from COSIC has created the global AES standard for encryption that can be used to protect US government information up to top secret level. A special AES instruction has been added to all x86 processor chips from Intel and AMD and to many ARM chips. This means that AES protects billions of laptops, mobile phones and electronic devices worldwide.


KU Leuven Dave Singelée
dave.singelee@kuleuven.be +32 16 32 10 27; +32 16 32 10 50
David Maes

MICAS - KU Leuven

Through MICAS's research, they define and answer fundamental challenges in the field of chip design and generate breakthroughs that enable new solutions based on microelectronics, both in academia and in industry.

MICAS is unique in the broad range of research activities it focuses on, spanning from conceptual blue-sky research, over applied research, up to partner specific industrial research. In each phase of this pipeline, the research goes through all steps in the design cycle: from system-level conceptualization and architecting, over chip and sensor design and implementation, to fabrication, packaging and characterization.

In this way, the initial idea spirals upward until it reaches its final goal: creating impact, both at the academic and at the socio-economical level.


KU Leuven David Maes
david.maes@kuleuven.be +32 16 37 70 00; +32 476 268 756
Greet Bilsen

Leuven Centre on Information and Communication Technology (LICT)

The mission of the LICT Centre is to coordinate and promote top-level research on the design and application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) systems, both hardware and software, to address societal and industrial needs, to make human life more comfortable and more secure, to improve our health and to conserve energy and the environment.

The different research lines come together in cross-technology themes like “Green ICT”, “Big Data” and “Internet of Things” and ultimately find their application in domains like "Health and Wellbeing", “Smart X”, “Communications”, “Media”, "Learning" and “Transport & Logistics”.

The multidisciplinary expertise can be applied in (industrial) research projects, either bilateral and/or in a Flemish or European funding framework.

KU Leuven Greet Bilsen
greet.bilsen@kuleuven.be +32 16 32 55 28; +32 16 37 40 85; +32 475 568 200
Sam Michiels

Distributed and Secure Software (DistriNet)

At DistriNet we conduct world-class research in the domains of secure software, distributed software and software engineering. Our researchers cover a wide range of topics, often applied to real-life themes such as smart cities, e-health, finance, logistics, telecommunications and industry 4.0.

Our research results are published in the field's top venues. We have a strong track record of setting up partnerships with industry, government and public services, to ensure our research outcomes have practical and real-world impact.

Together with CiTiP and COSIC, DistriNet forms an internationally recognized coalition on security and privacy research.


KU Leuven Sam Michiels
sam.michiels@kuleuven.be +32 16 32 70 68
Wannes Meert

Declarative Languages and Artificial Intelligence (DTAI)

DTAI researchers work on a wide variety of research topics:

KU Leuven Wannes Meert
wannes.meert@kuleuven.be +32 16 37 25 66; +32 16 32 77 00
Steven Palmaers

Expertise Centre for Digital Media (EDM)

As an informatics research centre, the Expertise Centre for Digital Media (EDM) of Hasselt University conducts research in five research lines: Visual Computing, Networked and Secure Systems, Intelligible Interactive Systems, Computational Science and Computational Design and Fabrication. We prefer to create added value exactly at the fault line of these different IT domains - where our expertise intersects. Because bundling expertise means doubling impact.

Hasselt University Steven Palmaers
Jeroen De Maeyer


Machineries & Factories (M&F) is active in the field of smart motion products such as robotics, on- & off road vehicles, industrial equipment and drivetrains for (renewable) energy systems; and smart production systems such as (flexible assembly lines, batch and continuous processes. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge on electromechanical systems and industrial systems engineering as well as business economics, we embrace the industry 4.0 context driven by digitalisation and digital twin technology. 

Ghent University Jeroen De Maeyer
jeroen.demaeyer@ugent.be +32 471 58 88 32
Filip Louagie


The research of INDATA - Internet & Data Lab, focuses on Internet technologies and data science: communication systems, high-speed and low-power networks, distributed computing and multimedia processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and web semantics. We represent 400 researchers working in key expertise domains ranging from IOT, machine learning and data mining, semantic intelligence, multimedia processing to high-speed optical transceiver design, electromagnetics, antenna design, wireless networking and cloud & big data infrastructures. We apply our research in various domains: manufacturing (industry 4.0), home & buildings, health & wellbeing, media, cities, mobility & logistics, energy, bio-informatics, telecommunications & datacom, cloud technologies.

Ghent University Filip Louagie
filip.louagie@ugent.be + 32 9 331 49 12
Arne Dormaels


i4S Smart Solutions for Secure Societies is a multidisciplinary economic valorization consortium that brings together the AUGent expertise from alpha, beta and gamma disciplines around crime, security and technology, digitization and privacy respectively. The consortium unites researchers from six faculties and eight departments in UGent and two university colleges in their pursuit of "smart solutions for secure societies" and represents 18 research groups, institutes and consortia with a total of more than 100 researchers. i4S was formed in response to and in anticipation of a vast and rapidly growing crime and security market in which technology and digitalization both pose major challenges and offer innovative solutions. 

Ghent University Arne Dormaels
arne.dormaels@ugent.be +32 497 64 92 25
Frederik Leys


e-poly - center for advanced polymer-based microsystems and applications focusses on the commercialization of the microsystem research at Ghent University. Microsystems are small, complex often autonomous (opto-)electronic systems of which the smallest controlled features are on a micron- or even nanoscale. E-poly brings together a number of complementary technology groups on the one hand, and on the other a number of application-oriented groups which are within Ghent University at the forefront of exploring the capabilities of microsystem innovations. E-poly is in that sense a vertically integrated business unit which fosters multi-disciplinary and also translational research: new technology concepts can be defined together with, and tested early on by the application partners. In that way e-poly ensures that generic technology research is directed towards highly relevant possible applications.

Ghent University Frederik Leys
Frederik.Leys@UGent.be +32 9 264 66 23
Ljiljana Platisa

i-KNOW - Innovation Center for Intelligent Information Processing is a dynamic IOF valorization consortium at Ghent University and pioneers innovation in data processing and interpretation. Our multidisciplinary team leads in data-related technology, encompassing expertise in computing systems, big data management, intelligent data analysis, fusion algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We focus on cutting-edge applications in autonomous systems, such as flying and underwater drones, and smart, sustainable mobility solutions. Beyond R&D collaboration, we actively forge strategic partnerships with industry, policy, and government to ensure our research translates into practical real-world impact.

Ghent University Ljiljana Platisa
ljiljana.platisa@ugent.be +32 488 57 92 44
Eva Ryckeboer


NB-photonics - Center for Nano- and Biophotonics is the one-stop shop for photonics technology at Ghent University. We provide services to academia and industry, provide training and engage in multidisciplinary collaborations. Our society is faced with important challenges such as qualitative and affordable healthcare, clean and renewable energy, and efficient ICT. Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) within photonics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology have the potential to help provide solutions. The intricate nature of the challenges at hand necessitates a multidisciplinary approach. NB-Photonics solves such challenges and provides training through our members’ expertise and their facilities in combination with academic and industry collaborating partners.

Ghent University Eva Ryckeboer
Eva.Ryckeboer@UGent.be +32 9 264 33 33
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